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Lam Cham Kiu Julian

My Dream Pet

Figure is really interesting to look at. He has a round and big tummy, which is basically the largest part of his body. His face is small and cute. He might look clumsy, but he’s still very special.

The way Figure behaves makes him a great pet. He always plays with me. Unlike other dogs that are always running around and making their owners angry, Figure usually just stays and sits down as if he is very bored. But if you tell him to play, he will follow your command and play with you. Figure’s behavior makes him fun to watch. I keep Figure in a big cage, and after three weeks have passed, I feed him around 7-9 carrots. He sometimes eats a bowl of grass too! He eats very quickly! It takes him only about 20-30 seconds to finish his food. After I finish my homework, I usually play with him for a while. Figure relies on us to keep him healthy and happy.

All in all, I think Figure is a cute and cool pet. He is not just any normal pet because he can eat fast and run very quickly. I take good care of Figure and play with him every day. Figure is the best pet in the world!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

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