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Chow Tsz Yau

It's Marshmallow

My little brother, my mum and I live in a small old house. One day, my little brother saw something outside the window. Suddenly, he ran out of the house.

He found a little white dog under the tree. It was a mini puppy with white curly hair. It was shivering in the cold so he gave it a warm towel and some food.

It was the first time for us to have a pet at home. My brother and I liked the puppy very much. We named it Marshmallow because it looked like a soft marshmallow. We took a lot of photos and had many good memories with it. My mum loved it very much too.

One day, I saw a notice while I was going back home. An old lady was looking for her dog. When I saw the picture, the dog was Marshmallow. I was so sad because I didn’t want to lose Marshmallow! I even thought of not telling the others about this notice, so that I could stay with Marshmallow forever.

However, I really understood the dog owner’s feelings. The old lady must be very upset about losing Marshmallow! Finally, I told my family and we decided to contact the dog owner.

The dog owner was really surprised and she came to pick up Marshmallow very quickly. My tears came down and I had to say goodbye to Marshmallow. The old lady gave us money as reward but we rejected it. I told her that we would like to see and play with Marshmallow in the future. She wiped away my tears and promised to let us visit Marshmallow every week. We were so happy and became good friends with the old lady thereafter.

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Miss Tang

That’s a very touching story with lovely ending! You have put effort into trying to use more adjectives. Keep going!

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