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Cao Zhiheng

The Best Friend

Last Sunday morning, my little brother Elven was playing video games by himself in his bedroom. While he was playing games happily, he heard a chirping sound outside the window.

Elven put down his iPad and went up to the window. He saw a cute baby bird standing on the window sill! Elven carefully put his forefinger in front of the baby bird, then the bird jumped on his forefinger. It was a lovely bird with sparkling eyes, white feathers and a pair of pretty wings. Unfortunately, this cute baby bird had got hurt. There was a big wound bleeding on its left leg. Elven put the poor bird on his desk and asked me to help wrap the wound. Then he ran to the kitchen to get some bread to feed the bird and made a beautiful house for it using a paper box.

Several days later, the baby bird recovered completely under Elven’s intensive care. It became Elven’s best companion and Elven didn’t play video games from then on.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang

Good adjectives are used to describe the birds and the things around the house!

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