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Ho Hiu Yan Holly

Buying Medicine an Unforgettable Embarrassed Moment

Last week, my sick mom ran out of her medcine so she gave me some money to go buy her medicine.

When I got to the pharmacy, I picked out the right medicine. Then, I went to the cashier counter but then realised I lost the money my mom had given me. The man in front of me bought a lot of medicine and other items so it took him a long time to put the purschased items into the bag.

I called my mom and told her my situation but she couldn’t help me because she was so ill, she could not get out of bed. So, I went to the cashier and told her my situation and asked her if I could pay her back because I was a regular customer. The lady said, “Sorry kid, I can’t do that.” I said, “ok” and was about to walk away the counter to return the medicine back on the shelf.

The man suddenly stopped me and said that he would help me pay and that it was ok if I didn’t pay him back. I thanked him and left.

When I came home, I told my mom what happened and we were both very thankful to that man.

The End.

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