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Chen Yun Ran Marie


Blindness is a very common disability but it can be very severe, too. Globally, there are at least 2.2 billion people that are blind. We are all lucky to have good eyesight.

If I suddenly turned blind, my daily life would be strongly affected. For example, I would have to go to blind school, so I would have to learn new things. Also, I would miss seeing my friends and family. And if I turned blind, people might think I have special needs which could be pretty annoying.

I think people with good eyesight should try to help blind people more. If we see a blind person who seems to need help, we should offer our services. Since they can’t see, we have to make it clear that they are addressing him or her.

I have seen many facilities for visually impaired people. I’ve seen braille letters (a special alphabet for the blind) in lifts, on maps, on cans and a lot more. I’ve also seen tactile pavement on street. Blind people also hold blind canes to help them get around safely.

I think there are many facilities for the blind but I think people should try to help too. I hope people will try to help blind people to let them live better lives in the future.

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Miss June

Yes, Marie, I also believe that blind people need more care and support from us. You are a caring girl! 😊

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