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Kung Hiu Yu Evelyn

A Special Friend in My Life – Ethan

Ethan is an environmental lover. He does so many things to protect the Earth. For example, he uses paper waste to write his drafts. Also, this environmentalist made a paper recycling box for the class last year. He emptied the box once a week and he insisted on doing so for the whole year. He raises people’s awareness of environmental issues and I truly appreciate his dedication.

Q1: What inspired Ethan to protect the Earth?

A: He saw a starving polar bear dying on the news and he felt horrible knowing that people continued destroying the earth.

Q2: Why did Ethan want to be an environmental ambassador?

A: Ethan wanted to be an ambassador because he wanted to keep a green environment in school.

Q3: What was the responsibility of Ethan (the environmental ambassador) at school?

A: The responsibility of Ethan was spreading the message of living a green life.

Q4: Does he enjoy living a green life?

A: Yes, he still has a good habit of living a green life.

Q5: Does he feel mad when he sees people wasting natural resources?

A: Yes, but he will try to think positively and encourage them.

Being Ethan’s friend. I whole-heartedly support his ideas and actions. Because of him, I started to reuse paper and live a greener life. I hope everyone can learn from him and be an environmental lover.

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Miss June

Wow! I truly hope there will be more people like your special friend (Ethan)! The world can be saved!!:)

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