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Lee Clement Ochs

My Dream Robot

My dream robot is mighty, like Arceus in Pokémon. My robot never harms people and it is very good at fighting. It is fantastic and it can fly fast. Moreover, It can carry twelve people, too! This robot can play with kids like humans. It can carry things up to 15,000kg, which is as heavy as two elephants. The robot isn’t afraid of fire and water. Its eyes can make a shield up to 50,000 square meters big, so even a bomb or cannon can’t destroy it. Still, this robot has some weaknesses. If you take out the batteries, the robot can’t move. However, if you use your hand and touch it, its head will fall. If you said, “Expelliarmus”, it will drop. If you told Lumos, it will blast into a thousand pieces. Even if this is a robot, I will treat it as a pet and called it “Awk Encryptor”.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss June

How awesome! I’m sure everyone wants to have one!

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