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Wong Damian

Little Red Riding Good's Future Adventure

In the year 9999, there was a girl called Little Read Riding Good who lived in the Creative city inside of the FUTURE WORLD. Little Red’s dad told her to bring the gold and diamonds to the King. When Little Red came out of the door, she saw something really shiny. When the shiny thing started to become darker and darker, Little Red started to feel scared. She found that it was a U.F.O. with an alien indside. Little Red ran away as fast as possible. She ran into a secret door. She went inside, locked the door, but the U.F.O. was already inside. She tried to run across the U.F.O but the alien jumped out of it and kidnapped her. Just then, the legendary FUTURE WARRIOR came and used his mega fighting hands to hit the U.F.O. away. The U.F.O. flew away and the alien was never going to come back to the FUTURE WORLD. The FUTURE WARRIOR untied Little Red and brought Little Red to the king. The kind was proud of the FUTURE WARRIOR for saving Little Red.

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