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Lam Ching Hei Haydn

Stranded Island

Crash! Imagine you suddenly landed in a room. The panel in front of you says, “You have ten minutes before being teleported to an island in the Atlantic abyss. You can say five things (living or objects) out loud and those will be transported to the island with you.” What would you bring? Let me share my thoughts!

The first thing that I would bring to the island is two cows. The cattle would provide meat, milk and leather for me, so I would have something to wear (may not be too warm) and something nutritious to eat. Next, I would bring a filter water bottle so I would have unlimited clean water to drink. The third thing would be a pencil, so I could write down what I experience every day and I would be writing it on the tree bark. The fourth thing would be an apple tree sapling. When it grows up into a tree, I could collect the apples for another food source and to feed the cows. I could also use the tree bark for wood and make fences, tools and more. The fifth and final thing would be twigs and sticks. The tree might take some time to grow, so I would use the twigs and sticks to start a campfire when needed to light up the island during the night. I would share my apples and maybe some fish with my cows so we could survive together.

My daily tasks would be simple yet repetitive. I would get up at six in the morning when the sun rises, then feed the cows, get some wood, collect some apples, catch some fish, water the grass (so the cows could eat it) and dig a mine for stone or even iron. I would also jot down to take notes what I did on a special wood log so I could read back later. Also, my twigs and sticks for the campfire might only last for a week, so I would go to sleep once the sun is down as to conserve my limited resources.

Moreover, the rocks from the mine would be used to make a giant SOS symbol that could be read from above. I hope some low-flying aircraft would be able to spot me and rescue me soon.

The life here would be really tough, but at least I would have enough renewable resources for me to survive for at least a few years.

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Mr Kelvin

Incredible thinking Haydn! You’ve chosen very smart things that would provide you with multiple forms of renewable resources! Clever thinking. If I’m ever stuck / stranded on an island, I’ll be sure to bring you as one of my 5 objects! 😊

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