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Luo Jun


Five years ago at summer holiday, my family and I travelled to Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is famous for the Opera House. I saw it but I didn’t go into it. We went to the Sydney Zoo. I watched many animals and my favourites were the koalas, kangeroos and platypuses. I felt very curious because all these animals are very strange to me.

We went on a whale watching tour on a large boat on the sea. I saw two blue whales jumping, turning and splashing out of the water. It was an exciting tour.

Sydney is also famous for seafood. We ate losters in a seafood restaurant. It tasted delicious! I loved it! After eating, we went to a souvenir shop. I bought a small stuffed kangaroo. I still have it.

I want to go to Australia again. I want to go surfing next time. I enjoyed my trip to Sydney.

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Miss June

Perfectly written, Cavin! I agree that Sydney is a great city and you should definitely go surfing next time! 😊 You’ll love it! 😊

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