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Chan Ho Long

Travelling to Japan

Five years ago, my family and I went to Sapporo in Japan. We stayed there for four days.

Sapporo is famous for Legoland so my family and I went there to have fun.

We also visited a nija village. We went into a house that was full with optical illusions. I felt very confused!

My favourite tourist attraction was the volcanoes. I watched them erupt and I felt amazed! The weird thing was the volcano smell very bad and I found a little volcano rock that was next to me. My mum said the rock would float so I brought it back home.

At night, my mun and I ate a big bowl of ramen, it was as big as a mountain. When we finished eating, we were full. My dad and my brother were at the hotel, so we bought some food for them. We also bought a wood pecker door bell.

I hope I can go back to Japan. I had a lot of fun! Next time I will discover more places during my holiday.

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