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Lam Ching Hei Haydn

A Party Day

“Finished!” I yelled as I put the last toy into my drawer, which was now full of Legos, board games and figurines. All my uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents would all come for today’s birthday party! I was very excited for it until I heard Mum say something.

“Sorry, Sally. Mummy does not feel well. I’m afraid I can’t join today’s party,” she said. “Don’t worry, you guys can still celebrate,” she added quickly, seeing my disappointed and anxious face.

I tried to hide my feelings. “We still have some groceries to buy, though. Should I help you buy them?” I asked.

“Sure, thank you. I already counted the money; it should be just enough for the meat and eggs. Here’s my shopping list and the money. Just promise me to come home the instant you finish buying them,” Mum said.

I nodded, quickly took the money and dashed out of the house. It was already four o’clock; my relatives would come at five thirty. I told myself, if I don’t come back in half an hour, I may not have time to make an omelette. As I contemplated all these, I realized I was already at the supermarket. I immediately took out the shopping list and started pushing the trolley to the “meat and dairy products” aisle. All the products were clearly labeled and there were not many people in the usually busy supermarket, so after ten minutes, I was already at the cashier. As I put away my list, my whole body jumped and my heart started thumping hard as though something was striking me. Where’s my money?! I panicked. How could I have dropped it when I did not see it swaying to the floor? Did somebody pickpocket me? I called Mum and told her what rotten luck I had to lose my money. I expected her to be furious, but to my surprise, she was OK and told me to come home.

Just as I went to put the groceries back to the shelf, ashamed of myself, a man approached and said, “Is this your money? I saw your anxious face and I bet you lost something.”

I was really shocked and my jaw dropped. “Thank you! Thank you!” I said again and again. I quickly went back to the cashier, paid for the groceries, then rushed back home.

Back home, Mum was surprised to see me with the food. I told her what happened and she looked satisfied. I promised I would take care of my belongings and never lose them again.

“Ding dong!” the doorbell rang. My cousins were here. I just realized it was five-thirty. It’s finally party time!

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Miss Tang

Fortunately, you can have the party just in time!! 😊

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