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Wong Elly

A Horrifying Day

Last month, something horrifying happened to my brother.

I remembered that at that time, my parents were out for work, which meant I was home alone with my little brother. I studied and read books as usual until I heard some noises. My brother saw a butterfly outside the window. He wanted to catch it, so he ran towards the window. I immediately put down my book and rushed towards him trying to stop him. Luckily, I noticed it on time! Or else he should have fallen…How scary! I learned to watch over my brother very, very carefully now, even if I am studying. It could have been worse!

When my parents arrived home, I told them everything that had happened. My mom was all worried! They understood that it was not my fault. I was relieved and kept on reading the last few pages of my book.

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Miss Tang

I can see your effort trying to give details to your story ideas. Good Try!

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