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Yip Chit Tung Dustin

NBA Awards

Every season there are many awards such as MVP, DPOY, ROTY and more. The MVP is awarded to the best player in that season. The DPOY is awarded to the best defender in that season. Players such as Hakeem Olajuwon won the DPOY. The ROTY is awarded to the best player in their first season in the NBA, this year’s winner is believed to be Paolo Banchero. The scoring champ is awarded to the player who averaged the most points. These awards aren't the most important to get in many players’ mind, as it is the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Every year different players will win different awards, so I think this years winner will be a true mystery.

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Miss Rebecca

It must feel great to get one of these awards! Why is the Larry O'Brien trophy the best?

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