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Kwok Tsz Yau Yoyo

Fruit City

This is a funny Fruit Cty. Many fruit citizens live here. There are many different places in Fruit City. Mickey likes going to the cinema. It is on Banana Street next to Yummy Restaurant. Minnie likes going to supermarkets to buy snacks such as chocolates, potato chips and drinks. The Fruit Supermarket is on Melon Road between the book shop and the hospital. Linabell loves to write letters. She always goes to Melon Road. The post office is opposite the book shop. Stella Lou always goes to school from Monday to Friday. It is between the cinema and the gas station on Banada Street. All the Fruit citizens love Fruit City.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Mr Kevin

What a lovely and creative city! I’d love to move and live here one day.

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