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Li Ho Yan Rachel

The Scary Night

One stormy night, my brother was woken up by loud thunder. Then he saw something out the window. He slowly walked toward it. He saw a woman raven black hair get closer and closer to the house …

The woman was knocking on the door, trying to find the spare keys to our house, trying to get in the house. My brother thought, “Oh, no! Is she a thief trying to break into our house?” Then he heard a ‘click’ sound - she almost got in.

My brother went to the door without a moment of hesitation. He locked the door, but the woman pushed the door hard, and he had to move the furniture to block the door. Then he found a bat just in case the woman would barge in. He stayed behind the door for a long time until he fell asleep.

In the morning, when my brother woke up, he saw that the furniture was moved out of the way. Then he went to our parents room. He realised that it was our mom trying to get in the night before as she just lost her keys!

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Miss Tang

The ideas are organized quite well! You have tried to use different vocabulary trying reach your goal! Good Job!

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