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To Chin Yu Natalie

Billy's Story (Surprise Ending)

Billy woke up very early in the morning. After having breakfast, he went to his sweet shop. As his shop has become increasingly popular in the town, he ordered many more boxes of sweets for his business. Suddenly, there was a stranger standing in front of his shop, “Hello sir, how can I help you?” Billy asked. “Oh hello, mate! I’m the richest man alive, maybe… But surely the richest man in the United Kingdom! I came all the way here to visit your very famous sweet shop and to BUY YOUR MOST FAMOUS CANDY!” The stranger said. “Oh… actually we have lots of famous candies! For example, we have…” “No, no, no, I need the most famous candy that YOU CREAT.” The richest man said. Then Billy nervously said, “S-s-s-su-sure…” “Excellent! I’ll see you on the FIRST OF FEBRUARY! Cheerio dear!”

After weeks and weeks, Billy invented this candy called “The Marsh Plush”. It is a type of marshmallow. Billy thought, “How can I make the candy popular? Ah hah!” Billy decided to sell it to everyone in town, so it could be famous. After days and weeks of waiting… “I am back mate, now let me see your candy!” Billy showed him, and the richest man in the UK tried it… “Mmmm… Sticky, soft, delicious… FANTASTIC! I will definitely be going to buy loads of these and SELL THEM TO THE UK. After trying, they will help you make this candy more and more popular!” Billy was surprised. He was smiling happily!

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Miss June

I would like to order some of The Marsh Plush too! Can you help me order some? Thanks!

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