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Ng Chun Huen Ravis

This Beginning of a Story

Billy woke up very early in the morning. After having breakfast, he went to his sweet shop. As his shop has become increasingly popular in the town, he ordered many more boxes of sweets for his business. Suddenly, there was a stranger standing in front of his shop, then the stranger said to Billy, “You must be the owner of this sweet shop, I am here to tell you there is another sweet shop in the town and the owner challenged you to see who has the better sweet shop. Are you in?” “Of course, I’m in. I am going to show him I have the better shop. Everybody loves my shop,” said Billy. “Ok, if you say so, the competition will start tomorrow. By the end of the month, the shop that has the most visitors will win a trophy,” the stranger said. “I’m sure I am going to win,” Bill said confidently.

The next morning, Billy went to the new sweet shop and saw the owner who was his best friend Jimmy. When Jimmy realized he was in a competition against his best friend, they cancelled the competition and started to help each other.

A few days later, there was another new sweet shop, and the owners were Billy and Jimmy.

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Miss June

I am very glad Jimmy and Billy opened another sweet shop together!

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