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Lin Myra Cho Ching

My Favourite Season – Spring

Around the world, different places have different seasons during the year. Hong Kong has four seasons in one year. The weather changes in different seasons and it affects our lives. In this essay, I am going to share my favourite season, spring.

We do certain activities in spring. For example, I sometimes fly kites on windy days. Also, I always help my mom plant flowers in the garden even when I am busy. In addition, I usually go on picnics with my family. We set up a tent then we munch on our food.

Spring is the season in which we celebrate Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year, my family and I always wear red clothes because it is the Chinese tradition. I always wake up early to watch the lion dance! In addition, people give children red pockets during Chinese New Year. This year, I got a lot of red pockets! My favorite part of Chinese New Year is the lion dance because I can give them lettuce to eat!

We can see different animals and plants in spring. For example, you can watch the birds flying in the sky. I might be a bird watcher someday. Moreover, my mom and I grow vegetables in the garden and that is how I get the food for my rabbit. I love to watch my rabbit eat and I also like to feed it, too!

In conclusion, people enjoy the spring festivals in spring. Also, nature in spring is very beautiful. In addition, people can do all kinds of fun activities in spring. Spring is the best season of all!

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