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Lam Ching Hei Haydn

My Favourite Fame Chess

My favourite game is chess. It is a strategic game where you need to "lead" your pieces to capture your opponent's pieces and checkmate the king.

You need to have a good offense and defense system, as well as clever tactics to win the game.
I was introduced to this game by my classmates in P.4. At first, I thought it was a sophisticated game because there were a lot of different pieces that did different things. But I soon liked this board game a lot because I enjoyed making traps and seeing my friends falling into them. By the end of P.4, most of my time in recess was devoted in playing chess with my classmates. At that time, I did not have any strategies, so I kept losing to them. That was how I became interested in chess.

The first main reason of why I like chess is because it strengthens and refreshes my brain. I need to think and make good decisions before moving. Sometimes, even one small move can lead me to my doom. I need to create traps for others to fall into, but also try not to be very conspicuous. One time, I moved my rook and ate up two strong pieces, but in the next step, my opponent captured my knight and checkmated me. This occasion reminded me of a saying: making one hundred good moves is not enough; make sure you do not mess up the one hundred and first one!

The second reason is that chess has a lot of variations. I have just finished reading a book about chess tactics, and it taught me various tactics to use, but they are not absolute - you also need to learn when to use them, not just copy their movement. Unlike Math, chess does not have a blueprint - that's why it is so fun! Moreover, I need to be alert and ensure all my pieces are safe at any time to cope with my opponent's movements.

Finally, I want to share something interesting about my experience of playing chess: I just learnt the chess notation. When I play online chess, I can analyze my mistakes in the game. It might look complicated, such as BXH6! or QxHG2++ or 0-0-0 but as you play longer you will get used to the language.
In conclusion, I will want to keep learning chess and play with my family and friends. It is truly a fun game!

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Mr. Kevin

Excellent JW about your hobby and talent 🡪 chess! Perhaps you should challenge yourself by attending local chess tournaments. Maybe you can watch “Queen’s Gambit”.

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