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Kong Aiden Man Hei

This is the beginning of a story

Billy woke up very early in the morning. After having breakfast, he went to his sweet shop. As his shop has become increasingly popular in the town, he ordered many more boxes of sweets for his business. Suddenly, there was a stranger standing in front of his shop. The stranger was wearing a stinky T-shirt that smelled like socks that haven’t been washed for days. Ew! The stranger was also wearing a dirty pair of shoes as black as charcoal. He slowly walked over to Billy and said, “Can I please have some candies and water? I’ve not eaten food and drunk water for days!” Billy felt sorry for the man, so being the generous person he was, he gave the man a seat, some delicious candies and fresh water.

To repay his kindness, the man gave Billy a piece of small paper and said, “This secret candy recipe can make the best-tasting candy and you can become the world’s most famous candy maker!” Billy was over the moon! He thanked the man for the recipe and said, “I will keep this a secret and will not give this recipe to other people.”

The man bid farewell to Billy and suddenly disappeared right in front of him – he was the candy fairy!

After that, Billy followed the recipe and created the world’s tastiest candy ever! He was always grateful to the fairy who gave him the secret recipe and always remembered to be kind to everyone around him.

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Miss Tam

What a great story you’ve written, Aiden! Billy is a good boy so he deserves all that! 😊

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