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Chan Ling Jit Ethan

Kut and the Giant

Once upon a time, there lived a dragon called Kut, he lived in the "Tomato" Cave. He is the protector of the key to the Grand Pyramid of Plant Garato, which has the biggest treasure chest in the world. Two days ago, when he just woke up, a bad, big, old, white and three-headed giant was trying to sneak into his room. The giant wants the key to steal the treasure chest in the Grand Pyramid on Planet Garato. Then, Kut fought with the giant and breathed out fire to attack the giant. But the giant shielded himself from the fire and wounded Kut with an axe. Poor Kut could only watch the giant run away with the key.

The giant went home to get some sleep. The next morning, the giant went into the pyramid. He went through all the traps, and made it to the treasure chest. The giant was very happy but when he looked for the key, he could not find it! It turned out that the key was a magic key and it flew back to Kut when the giant entered the Grand Pyramid. The key used its magic to heal Kut. The key also turned the giant into a statue.

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Miss Rebecca

This is a great twist! A key that can't really be stolen!

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