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Tse Tsz Ching Gaile

The Water World Experience

Last Sunday was my happiest day ever in 2022. I went to Ocean Park Water World with my family and friends! Now, I’d like to share a few most unforgettable moments with you because that day was too magnificent.

We arrived at the water world at 7:45 am. The first ride we went on was the Cyclone Spin, which was actually not too scary and fast-moving. To me, that’s just a warm-up. What amused me the most was the next slide – Rainbow Rush. The water lanes of the Rush were not only colourful but also very steep. As it was the most popular attraction in this park, there was a long queue. Luckily, I bought a fast pass and did not have to wait for too long. Although I was thin and small, I could only slide down slowly. Regardless, I could still feel the centrifugal force. As I slid down, I felt like flying in the air. It was truly amazing! I played three times.

Here you go! These are my most unforgettable moments of that day!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Gaile, awesome description of your days at Water World! You’ve really persuaded me to go. Great use of language and rich contect, Gaile!

Ms. Sarah’s Comments:

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