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Lee Sheung Jam

My Amazing New Classmate

Today my mum and I went to buy flowers at Mong Kok. There were many different kinds of flowers like daisies, tulips and lavender. Mum bought a bouquet of roses, the colour was as red as blood. Mum was as happy as a lark.

Weh we arrived home, Mum put the flowers in a colourful vase, and put them on the table. While mum was cooking dinner in the kitchen, I was setting the table. I was pleased to help.

Suddenly, I accidentally hit the vase and it shattered on the floor. It was a mess. My face went as white as pure white bed sheets. I gasped, “Oh my God, Mum would kill me!”

Mum heard the “Bang” and rushed to the living room. She asked worriedly, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” I was touched because mum really cared about me. She didn’t scold me. I apologized to mum and she gave me a big hug. We cleaned the mess together and enjoyed the most scrumptious dinner.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Ms. Sarah’s Comments:

Jam, excellent piece! I was touched reading this. Great use of language and a nice transition from beginning to end! Give your mom lots of love.

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