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Tsui Long Kwan

My Amazing New Classmate

Two months ago, there was a new classmate in our class. His name is Paul. I think he is an amazing person.

Paul is very kind to others. He becomes one of my best friend even it has been just two months. Besides, he is a humorous boy who always makes us burst into laughter.

Although Paul is thin and tall, he is very strong in playing badminton, table tennis and basketball. It seems he is an athlete. He is also good at studying. He always gets commended by the teachers. He has a pair of big eyes with glasses which make him look smart. Also, his smiling face is very attractive.

I remember a special thing happened to him in the class. That day was Paul’s birthday. He brought a big delicious birthday cake and wanted to share with us all. However, a naughty student, Ben, pushed Paul so the cake fell down on the floor. We scolded Ben but Paul said, “It’s fine. I can ask my mother to bake another cake.” Ben regretted to do that but Paul just smiled.

I was impressed by him. He just likes an angel in the world and that’s why everyone loves to approach him.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang’s Comments:

A lot of good adjectives are used to describe Paul. Good try! The ideas are organized quite clearly.

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