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Tsang Hoi Ki

My New Classmate

A new classmate came to our class. He sits next to me. He is Paul.

Paul is a British. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the tallest boy in our class. He is handsome.

I think Paul is kind and helpful. He always helps others. He is also good at English and Math. I always ask him how to do English and Math homework.

Yesterday was the Chinese test. Paul didn’t pass because he has just started learning Chinese for a month. The teacher was worried. She told me to help Paul to improve his Chinese. He thought it was hard to write the words right. He wrote the words messily like a baby. I thought I could solve his problems. I hope he could do better!

In the recess, we exchanged our snacks. He brought some fries and I brought some biscuits. It was the first time I saw people bring fries as snacks. But he said it was normal in England.

Paul is a good boy. All the teachers and classmates like him. I hope we can be friends forever.

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Miss Tang’s Comments:

The ideas are organized quite clearly!

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