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Szeto Yan Serene

The Harry Potter Buddies- Paul Potter

It was just a normal day at school. I was just tidying up my desk when Miss Tang entered the classroom with another boy. Miss Tang said, “Hello, calss. We have a new classmate today. His name is Paul. Paul, you will sit next to Serene.” Paul has short black hair and is just a bit taller than me. He also has brown eyes and long legs.

He introduced himself to me and I introduced myself to him. Miss Tang started the class and said, “Today we will be talking about our favourite book. Who would like to share?”

Paul raised up his hand. “Lovely participation, Paul. What is your favourite book?” Miss Tang asked. “My favourite book is Harry Potter.” Paul answered. I was surprised and very happy because I was a huge Harry Potter fan or we called it “Potterheads”. A few other classmates shared their favourite books and some were quite popular like Perry Jackson and The Land of Stories. Miss Tang said, “Now, you and your parther will discuss more about this topic. You may start now.”

“Hey Paul! Guess what? I am a Harry Potter fan too!” I excitedly said to Paul. Paul replied, “Really?! Who is your favourite character?” We ended up talking about Harry Potter through the entire discussion time! Wow!

Paul is quite confident in class but a bit shy when it comes to making friends, a bit like Neville Long bottem! I think Paul is a great friend and he deserves to have more friends! He is kind, sweet and active, like me! I will definitely continue this journey of Paul Potter!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang’s Comments:

I like your ending, Serene! The ideas are well organized with precise and concise details. 😊

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