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Lam Yan Yau

My New Classmate

Paul, my new classmate, has just come to our school today for the first day. He introduced himself to the whole class. But he was a really quiet person. He only told us that he likes the colour black and he likes playing football, and then he went back to his seat. His appearance is really normal. He has brown eyes and black hair like anyone does.

At first, I was too shy to talk to him. But I realised I forgot to bring my eraser, but Carol refused to lend it to me, so I asked Paul. “Can I borrow your eraser for a bit?” I asked. “Sure!” he said. After I returned his eraser to him, I asked him a lot of questions. “Where are you from? What’s your hobby? Do you have a phone? What does your parents do for a living?” He just stared at me. “Judy, would you turn your head back?” yelled the teacher.

At recess, I kept thinking and thinking why he didn’t answer me. Maybe it was clearly because we were having a lesson. He suddenly appeared by my side and said hi. I said hi too. He answered my questions and I answered to his. We started talking and talking. It was the end of recess already. “Will you be my friend?” asked Paul, “Sure,” I said. After that, we kept in touch every time at recess or when we were free on the phone.

He isn’t quiet if you get to know him. He is really talktive. One day, we had to have a group discussion, and I was paired with Paul. At first, he was a little bit quiet, but he got more interesting after. And he talked a lot. We had a great time!

Don’t judge people by their appearance when you don’t get to know them yet.

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