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Yuen Kayla Hei-Yin

Paul and I

It seems like years since Paul has joined our class. I remember his first day in our school. He still had braces back then and his skin was tan. Everybody took interest in him because he was a transfer student from Indonesia. Ha ha! I remember how Keely bombarded him with questions. I pitied him because all he could do was mumble.

So, I walked up to him and told him to shut up! He scowled back, red face and looked grumpy. “I’ve already shut up. Get your brain check, Angelina!” Then he added awkwardly, “Um, I know your name because I heard Keely and um, yeah.” When he mentioned that, I laughed. I wasn’t angry at all. I thought it was funny how he could be so fierce and polite at the same time. Then he laughed and we bonded through laughing.

Now, we are best friends, with Keely too! They are both so smart and nice. I am glad they are my friends.

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