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Ho Hiu Yan Holly

My Summer Break in UK

Last summer, I went to the United Kingdom. The weather was cold and they didn’t allow air-conditioners in homes. I was really fun because I went to London and Cheltenham.

First, I went to London and on the first day we met up with my aunt who lived in UK and we went to see London bridge and Tower bridge. Tower bridge was so much prettier than London bridge. We went to have lunch and took some pictures, we got some ice-cream a while later and I spent the night in my aunt’s house while my parents stayed in a apartment that they rented.

The next day, I woke to the smell of my aunt’s wonderful cooking, we ate some breakfast, and we watched some sponge bob and Mr. Bean. We met up with my parents and brother, had breakfast (just for my mom, dad and brother) and I drank beer for the first time of my life and it didn’t taste bitter because it was mixed with fruits so you can’t really taste the beer. For the next 7 days we visited the British Museum and bought a very pretty notebook. There was a dinosaur museum and many other places like restaurants but in the middle of it, I got Covid. My throat felt like breaking and thanks to my mom, she gave me some medicine to make me feel better.

On the ninth day, we drove to Cheltenham for my brother’s new school and I met up with my aunt who had been working for the past 7 days to prepare events for her customers. My aunt joined us for the rest of the 6 days in UK. My aunt is really cool, she took me to a farm with my family without my brother because he was already in boarding school and I learned cycling for the first time! She also aunt bought the treats for the animals and I fed them, their saliva was super disgusting and gross to be honest. At last, she bought me a book that you can play crosswords in.

It was an awesome trip except the part that I got Covid and we had to have quarantine! ☹

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Miss Lee’s Comments:

Oh dear! But now that you think about it, because you’ve already had covid, you can be quite sure that you’re now safer in HK! 😊 And, you still had a fun summer in the UK!

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