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Xiang Jing Xuan Jason

The Most Adventurous Thing I've Ever Done

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is go back home by myself.

It was in August, just two days before the summer holiday. Since my parents did not pay the school bus fare, I needed to go home alone. I have never gone back home without my parents, so I was very excited because it was my first time ever.

While I was going to the MTR station, it was hot, the sun was making our city feel like an oven. The distance was as long as a marathon. It took 20 minutes to arrive home.

I was carrying a bag, standing beside the railway. It weighed a ton and the train took a century to arrive! I couldn’t find a seat, but at least I had a turn to put my bag down. When I arrived home, I was relieved and prayed for my parents to submit the school bus fare.

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Ms. Sarah’s Comments:

What an adventure! Loved your use of hyperboles, Jason! Loved how you unraveled the story. Try to spend some time at the end of your piece.

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