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Hui Ching Shan Natalie

The Tasmanian Devil

I always dreamt that I would have a Tasmanian devil to become my own pet.

Many people think that these animals are as small as ants, they can cause very strong damage because they eat meat. In my own opinion, I think that if you treat them well, they will actually treat you the same way.

Tasmanian devils are like raccoons. They have black bodies which is a way to camouflage during the night. They also look as if they are wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt every day. They have sharp claws and red round ears. The most dangerous part is that they have a very adorable face, which lets us or their prey want to go near and touch them but the Tasmanian devils will immediately bite you in 3 seconds.

It sounds really horrible but I still want to give it a try to pet them!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Ms. Sarah’s Comments:

You’re a risk-taker, Natalie. Wonderful piece! Detailed and organized. Try to explore more ways to end your piece.

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