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Cao Zhiheng

Stray Dog

Last Saturday was sunny. My dad, mum and I had a barbecue at Lao Shui Heung Reservoir Barbecue Area to celebrate my 10th birthday. Lau Shui Heung Reservoir is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Hong Kong and located in Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

As soon as we arrived at the barbecue site, we found a cool place with tree shade. Mum and I put lots of delicious food we prepared before on the table such as drinks, steak, bread, corn, fishballs and sausages. Dad was responsible for making a fire pit. Around 20 minutes later, we were sitting around the barbecue pit and enjoyed cooking our lunch happily.

Mum put her wallet and mobile phone into her handbag by her side. She didn’t notice a brown stray dog behind her sneaking up on her neither did dad and I. Suddenly, mum shouted, “My bag! My bag!” We saw a stray dog holding mum’s handbag running away. Dad and I were shocked by mum’s voice at first. Then we felt furious and ran after the bad dog into the bushes nearby. However, we were touched by what we saw in the bushes. We saw four little puppies sitting in mum’s handbag and looking curiously at us. That was why the stray dog stole mum’s handbag. She was looking for a house for her babies.

After discussing together, mum decided to leave her handbag to the puppies. She distracted the dogs by giving some sausages to the stray dog and her babies. Dad helped take mum’s wallet and mobile phone out of her handbag. Then we left the barbecue site and went home happily.

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