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Lau Ho Yan Leanna

My Favourite apps on My iPad

My first favourite app is Roblox. Roblox is an online public game. There are a lot of games included in this app like Jail Break, Adopt Me and Bed Wars I use this app when I have free time or I have finished my homework. I use this app because it can help me relax.

My second favourite app is Pokemom Go. Pokemon Go is a game that you can have an online battle. You have to walk around physically to collect Pokemon from indoor to outdoor. I use this app for fun and exercise.

My last favourite app is YouTube. YouTube is an app that you can watch videos and learn from other people. I use this app to discover new things, information and knowledge.

I like these apps a lot because they help me relax and I can enjoy my free time with these apps.

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Miss Lee’s Comments:

Great introduction of your favourite apps! 😊

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