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Szeto Yuen Kwan Caydon

My Grubber

Welcome to Choco Fun😊!

Our shop looks like a big colourful lollipop. There are four platforms which are selling different kind of candies, such as toffee, popping candy and candy floss. In our main shop, we gather different chocolates from world-wide famous chocolate shops. Customers can go up by the elevator and slide down after visiting our shop.

You can find many special candies in Choco Fun, such as bubble gum, stick of sherbet , candy necklace, rainbow belt, popping candy and candy floss. We hope you can enjoy sweetie and happiness from our shop.

Choco Fun is at East Coast Park Percinct. You can choose your favourite candies and play the long slide after cycling or jogging with dogs at the East Coast Park.

Please come to enjoy the happiness and excitement in Choco Fun!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tam’s Comments:

How exciting it is to visit Choco Fun! There will be a lot of people enjoying their time! 😊

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