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Ho Chin Hiu Daphne

My Friend Sophie

My best friend is Sophie. She is short and slim. She has an oval face with long dark hair. She has a pair of small eyes with pink glasses. When she goes to school, she wears pink uniform.

I want to be friends with her because she is so friendly and clever. I think she is a good thinker and an inquirer, too! She is so caring to other people. I admire her because her drawing is good. I envy her because her English is so good.

I can learn many things from her. When Sophie sat in front of me, we did English homework together and we had lots of chatting in every recess. Last September, we went to Ocean Park together. It was so much fun!

Sophie and I have many preferences in common. For example, we both like pink and Kuromi and we enjoy going to Ocean Park together. I hope I can site next to her.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Lok’s Comments:

Daphne, you’re actually a very organised and thoughtful writer. Be confident and write more! 😊 Just be careful with the use of appropriate tenses and stand out the meaning of your sentences more clearly. 😊

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