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Sze Ching Fung Leo

Going to Turkey

Three years ago, when it was autumn, I went to Turkey with my family.

First, I went to a place called Pamukkale. It looks like a swimming pool and it also looks like a snow land. In Turkey, there are a lot of cats everywhere and I think Turkish like cats a lot. There are some stray cats in Turkey but they are expensive cats in Hong Kong. I had just a slight feeling that the people who took the cats from Turkey and sold them in Hong Kong.

Second, I went to a place with lots of weird rocks in a place called Cappadoica. When I was there, I rode a jeep riding between the rocks and I also took a lot of picutres! I went to Troy and saw the Trojan horse.

At last I went to the ice cream vendor and got some ice cream. It tasted harder than normal ice cream but I think it was yummier. Although it was yummier, the ice cream vendor trolled me. I thought Turkey was fun!

But today I watched a Youtube video about a person instead of being trolled by the Turkish vendor. He trolled him instead. The Turkish vendor first scooped up a big blob of ice cream but the customer grabbed the big blob of ice cream and ran away, so the vendor lost a big blob of ice cream. Next time, when I go to Turkey again, I want to do that too! I think this is unforgettable because I have not tried anything like this before!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tam’s Comments:

Turkey is an amazing country with a lot of history behind. It is also very special because it’s situated between Europe and Asia! 😊

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