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Lee Clement Ochs

A Secret Present 1

Ryan Ritto was a small squirrel. He lived with his Mum and Dad in Paduno city. Ryan was happy with his family but sometimes he felt lonely. He loved learning in school. He did not like walking to school because there were always bullies waiting for him on the road. They knocked him on the floor, then threw away his food box and school bag. He ate lunch on his own and nobody played with him. He hoped he had a friend.

One night after dinner, Ryan’s dad told Ryan something big would happen on his birthday. Ryan didn’t know that his father was making a mighty robot for him. He almost made it for three years. He finished it a week before Ryan’s birthday.

A week passed, it was Ryan’s birthday. A lot of friends and family members came to his birthday party. They all gave him gifts before they ate a birthday cake. Ryan’s dad took Ryan to his underground workshop and they passed over the Robo-room. Ryan saw a lot of gigantic robots. They had different shapes, colour, fuctions etc. Then they went into a secret room where a squirrel-shaped robot stood straight at the end. Ryan’s called out, “Hi robot!” The robot blinked his eyes and smiled. He held out a hand and everybody jumped on. Then the celling opened like a door and they flew away.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tam’s Comments:

How amazing! I am sure Ryan must be so happy that he couldn’t even believe!

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