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Kong Aiden Man Hei

My Grandpa Henry

My grandpa, Henry is a kind and polite man. First, he likes to share food with me whenever he eats something delicious. In addition, he always cooks my favourite food, fried eggs with yummy shrimps. My grandpa always expects everyone to be polite. Therefore, I am always polite when I visit him. I think that I have become a polite person because my grandpa set a great example for me to follow.

My grandpa is a presentable person because he always wears nice clothes whenever he goes out. He likes to wear a white shirt and a pair of long pants with suspenders. On top of that, he also likes to wear a pair of polished leather shoes. My grandpa is always well groomed because he doesn’t like messy hair. In the future, I also want to be a presentable person like him.

Grandpa Henry likes to do many things during his spare time. For example, he likes to watch interesting news about Hong Kong. In addition, he likes to eat yummy snacks, especially potato chips. He always shares amazing stories with me.

I like my grandpa very much because he is always nice to me. He often helps me with my homework and let me play my favourite video games after I finished my homework. My grandpa is the best grandpa in the world!

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Miss Lok’s Comments:

What a loving and respectful tribute to your great nice grandpa, Aiden! I like the way you choose the expressions thoughtfully. I’m sure you’re a regular English user! Keep on writing!

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