Wong Ngo Suet Melody

A Wonderful Christmas

At Christmas holiday of 2019, I went to Japan with my family for vacation. My parent brought me and my brother to a ski resort. It was my first time to meet snow. The snow was white, soft and cold. It looked like ice cotton wool. The ski field was cold so I worea ski jacket, trousers, wooly hat, scarf and ski boots. First, I had a snow ball fight with my brother. It was amazing that I didn’t feel any pain even being hit by a snowball. Second, I played sledding with a plastic snow sled. I travelled down a snowy hill in high speed. It was very exciting and funny. It was an unforgettable and wonderful experience. I hope I can come here to play again.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

What a special experience! It’s really exciting to see snow when you live somewhere too hot for it.