Chen Yun Ran Marie

My Grubber

My candy shop is very colorful. It is filled with an assortment of vibrant candies. There are many candy jar displays in front of the windows. At the center of the shop, there are jars of different candies customers can buy. Next to the counter of candy jars are bags for customers to carry the candies and spoons to scoop the candies into the bag. There are many shelves, too. The shelves have packaged candies on them.

The name of my candy shop is Happy Candy, which shows that people will be happy when they visit this store, and that I want my customers to be happy.

My shop is near my home so that I won’t be late for work. It’ll be in a mall, so it can attract more people who do their shopping there.

I would sell very popular candies, like Snickers, Skittles, M&M’s, KitKat, Milky Way and Cadbury so that all kids and adults will buy my candies because they find these brands familiar.

My candy shop is quite similar to others, but I have my own style, so it’ll definetely be a bit different and special.

I hope people would feel like the name of the shop – happy, astonished and astounded. Then they would come here again!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tam’s Comments:

I enjoy reading your work about Happy Candy! I’m sure everyone will be astonished and astounded of during their visits. There must be a lot to offer! 😊