Lee Clement Ochs

Our Future Plan

Do you remember how dinosaurs died? Scientists thought long ago there was an asteioid flying towards Earth. It dropped on Mexico, and lots of TNT blasted out every second and it was more substantial than all of the human nuclear bombs. Also, hundreds and thousands of precious lives died every minute, earth plates blasted, lava was flushed out, and sandstorms covered the entire world. Eleven grade earthquakes and five kilometres tsunami washed up the whole earth. The surviving dinosaurs had been living in with bad habits and struggling for a hundred years. They all died finally except for the tiny mammas which transformed into mesohippus and the other animals. After that, humans were born.

People said asteroids would fly to Earth millions and billions of years later. We can use nuclear weapons to stop or pull them off the road. But why don’t we use a wiser choice to find another planet? Moon has nothing for us to live on if we want to make it like Earth. That’s a lot of hard work. Mercury is extremely hot during the daytime and freezing at night. That’s not a suitable habitat for us to live in. Venus is a dangerous place, and even robots couldn’t stand it. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all gas giants, so we can’t live on them.

Anyway, the universe still gives us hope -- “Mars”.

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Miss Tam’s Comments:

You are such a knowledgeable boy, Clement! You are also a peacemaker. “Mars” is our hope. 😊