Kwok Yan Na Ayanna

My Grubber

My grubber is like a castle but made with candy, like lollipops, macaronis, gingerbread, and many more…

My grubber is called “The Maclollipopbread Shop”. It means macaronis, lollipops and gingerbread. My maclollipopbread shop floats in the sky. So, to get to my maclollipopbread shop you need to ride on a magic carpet! Magic carpets are everywhere, and it will be easy to get to the maclollipopbread shop. In the Maclollipopbread Shop, you will find ginormous lollipops, macaronis, gingerbread and paper candy. The paper candy is a white A4 paper but edible and it tastes like fruits. There is also glitter candy. It looks like normal glitter but it is also edible and tastes like berries.

Come to the Maclollipopbread Shop to enjoy all the scrumptious and wonderful candies you like!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tam’s Comments:

So exotic, Ayanna! I’m sure people would love to visit your sweet shop. 😊