Yang Emily

My New Smart Classmate

Last week, my teacher introduced a new classmate to us. His name is Paul and he is twelve years old. Paul has dark brown hair, thin eyebrows, grey eyes, a big nose, small ears and a normal sized mouth. He is the tallest in our class.

A few days later, I realized he is very smart. Whenever the teacher asked a question, he would be the first to answer. Last week, our Maths test results was released, and Paul got full marks! The Maths teacher was also very surprised because the test was difficult. Yesterday, we had a Chinese dictation, which was Paul’s favourite subject. Again he got full marks easily, but I only got 86 out of 100.

I was very upset that I couldn’t get good grades like Paul did. I must have looked sad because at recess, Paul came up to me and taught me how to memorize paragraphs better. I tried his ideas and they actually worked! He also told me that from now on, he would help me with my studies every Tuesday and Thursday. I am really happy and excited about that, I am very grateful to him.

Not only is Paul good at studying, he is good at sports too. Last week in P.E. class, he ran 20 miles in only 1 minute and jumped 280 times! When we were jumping ropes, he skipped many times in only one minute! We were very happy because Sports Day was coming up.

I am glad that Paul came to our school. He is smart, caring and athletic. I will study hard and get better grades. I will ask him to be my friend tomorrow.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Chung’s Comments:

Hi, Emily. You really got a smart and helpul friend, Paul! I like the way that you described him with his strengths. The incidence about Paul helping you is great. The grammar and punctuation are good. Great work!