Wang Jiamiao

My New Classmate

Yesterday, our new classmate came to school. His name is Paul. Paul is a handsome boy. He is of average height and rather skinny. He has a pointed face with pale skin, watery big brown eyes, a tall big nose and thin lips. He has short hair with curl which makes him look more fashionable. He dresses simple but unique.

Paul has great personality. He met many new friends on the first day. He is outgoing and interesting as well. He has a sense of humour and always full of energy. Yesterday, I forgot to bring my pencil case. He helped me and gave me all the stationery that I needed. When I have problems, he is the only one who lends me sympathetic ears.

Paul loves basketball and he is a talented basketball player. He was a basketball guard in his previous school basketball team and their team always won the competitions.

Paul is very clever. He got 3 full marks in the school exam yesterday. In teacher’s opinion, he often receives awards in his old school or even the ‘Creative Scholarship’. Literally, it means Paul is very creative! However, sometimes he is absent-minded. Sometimes he put his phone in the refrigerator and forgot to take it out!

On the whole, Paul is a boy who has a good nature, he is cheering and handsome. He makes our class more energetic. I think our friendshop will last forever.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Chung’s Comments:

Hi, Carly. You’ve got a very smart and friendly classmate, Paul. The whole passage is smooth with lots of ideas to describe him. The special moments you’ve mentioned are great! Most of the adjectives you use are fabulous to make Paul alive! Keep it up!