Ng Kwai Chun Gretchun

My New Friend – Paul

Today was a very interesting day in class. We had a new classmate. His name is Paul. “Please welcome our newest student,” the teacher said happily. A hush fell over the class. Paul looked so different from us! He has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. “Morning, everyone,” he said. “My name is Paul and I’m an exchange student from America.” After his introduction, we all sat down and continued with our classes.

Some time later, we had recess. I went to Paul. We chatted about our interests and I found out Paul loves photography and art. The bell then rang and we went back to our seats. Although Paul seems shy, he is a very good listener and friend.

After our Maths class, it was Chinese. I was worried that Paul would struggle but he was amazing! He spoke in Cantonese fluently that you would have thought he is a Chinese (if you don’t know how he looks like). An hour later, it was the end of our classes. I bade farewell to my friends and went home.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg