Gan Tsz Wai Alice


Two months before I went camping with my best friend Ellen. We rode the bus to the wharf and took the speed boat to an island. Firstly, when we arrived at the island we changed our clothes to swimming suits. Secondly, we wore life vests and walked to the beach. Next, we excitedly jumped in the sea and swam back to the wharf. After that, we walked up the wharf and we did a three hundred and sixty degrees jump down to the sea and with a splash we made it down. Finally, we got back to the shower and washed ourselves.

It was nearly sunset, so we packed up our camping bags and we set up the tent and sleeping bags. After a long day playing and working we set up the campfire and we roasted fish, apples, meat and marshmallows. The dinner was really yummy and tasty. We tided up the plates and put out the campfire. Then, we went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. We went to our tents and said good night to each other, then we turned out the light and slept peacefully.

The next morning came. We woke up at seven o’clock. Firstly, we walked to the bathroom to brush our teeth again. Secondly, we took out a piece of bread and a jug of milk, and we ate our breakfast happily. After that, we went to the wharf and we inflated the rubber dinghy. Then, we rowed the rubber dinghy out to sea. Luckily the wind was not strong. We rowed to an island and we played at the playground for one hour. After that, we ate lunch at a restaurant. Then we rowed the rubber dinghy back to the island and we packed our camping bags. Finally, we took the speed boat back to the wharf and then we rode the bus back home.

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Miss Tam’s Comments:

A very detailed piece of journal writing recording your activities and experience while you were camping! I enjoyed reading it so much and it has certainly made me want to go camping now!!