Cheung Hei Yin Ally


Traveling - Maldives
Ally, Cheung, Hei Yin, 5A3

In 2019 summer, I visited Maldives with my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Maldives is formed by many coral islands. We took a direct flight to Male city then transferred on a seaplane to a small island. We stayed there for five days.

Maldives is famous for its unpolluted beaches and ocean. We enjoyed different kinds of aquatic activities, especially snorkeling and diving. We went snorkeling and saw many fishes and baby sharks every day. We jumped into the ocean directly from the water house. We also joined the local tours, took a yacht to the deep ocean area and watched the adorable dolphins, whales and sea turtles. I was very excited to explore the ocean.

My favourite activity in Maldives is the spa massage with the natural sound of
the waves. It was very relaxing and enjoyable after the aquatic activities. My parents also enjoyed their full body massages. We almost forgot all about our pressure in our life!

We had a lot of amazing seafoods in Maldives, for example, fish and chips, lobsters, salmon and tuna, and they were all very fresh! Besides, the freshly made smoothies served at the restaurant was also very delicious. For one of our leisure activities, we collected some shells from the beaches as souvenirs in Maldives. I shared some with my friends and relatives.

I enjoyed my trip in Maldives very much. I love Maldives because there are not that many people and it is quiet and peaceful there. Moreover, we could taste so many delicious foods and watch the sunset every single evening while feeding sharks in our hotel room. I hope my family and I can visit Maldives again!

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