Ng Yan Nga Enya

An Unforgettable Holiday

Hello Miss Rebecca, I am Enya. Today I will tell you about my unforgettable holiday. My unforgettable holiday happened on last Saturday. I went to Ocean Park with my family! There were my parents, aunt, uncles, and cousins! When we were there, we first played the Pirate Ship, which was scary for my cousins, but exciting for me. Then we went to play Bumper Cars, it was my favourite game to play in Ocean Park. However, I did not get to drive the car because I am only nine years old, so my aunt drove the car and I sat next to her, it was so much fun. Next, we went to see the baby foxes. A lot of them were sleeping, but they are super adorable. We also went to see the seals, they are gigantic, and their teeth are very sharp. It was a bit scary for me. After playing and seeing all of these animals, we were a bit hungry, so we went to look for food. After eating, we went to ride something called the Ferris wheel. It was not scary, it was fun! After playing on the Ferris wheel, we watched the sunset, which means it was was time to go home. We had a really great time there and this was my unforgettable holiday!

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Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

This sounds like a great day out with your family! You can get great views from the Ferris wheel at Ocean Park! I haven’t been to the new water park there yet.