Yang Emily

Cyber City

Last night, I had the most interesting dream ever. It all started like this: I was suddenly in a very crowded city and there were monster-robots everywhere. I noticed a banner with the words “Welcome to Cyber City!” on it. I pushed through the crowd and saw lots of shops! There were sweets shops, clothes shops, and restaurants! So I went in a sports shop and bought a bicycle to travel faster.

Finally, I arrived at a large building with the words “Cyber Primary School” labled on it. I decided to explore the playground when I heard, “Help! Help me!” I rushed to the place where the sound came from. It was a small robot that probably got injured when running. I helped it get onto the back of my bicycle and we zoomed off.

When we reached the hospital, there was already a long line waiting, so we had to go to another one. Two hours later, we found a hospital that was cheap and quick. When the robot I had rescued came out, it looked healthier than ever. He even agreed to be my friend and protected me when I was in danger.

Then, my dream ended. I know that robot and I are still friends and we will meet again someday.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg